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Hi, I'm Jodie Swallow, one of Britain's top triathletes.

Triathlon is a long distance mix of swimming, cycling and then running.

Do you think you're tough enough for one of the hardest events in sport?

Jodie's top triathlon tips:

  • Don't go off too fast - it's a long race so conserve your energy

  • Be prepared - races are won or lost at the transition stage

  • Have fun and smile when you cross that finishing line!

    So what are you waiting for? Get out and give triathlon a go!

    Jodie's fab facts
    Born: 23.6.81
    Events: Triathlon
    University: Loughborough
    World Junior Championships: Third 2001
    European Junior Championships: Winner 2000 and 2001
    British Championships: Winner 2000-2002
    Sporting hero: Paula Radcliffe


    Remember where you put your bike! You could spend ages looking for it-remember which row you parked it in, or identify it a with a brightly coloured towel!